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We Strongly Support Play-Based Learning

We strongly support Play-based learning or learning through play.

What is play? Why is it so important?

Play can be described as an essential component of learning. Play is usually fun although aspects of play can be frustrating, fearful or challenging, all these feelings teach important lessons.

Pretend play, role play or symbolic play  inspires children to imagine themselves acting out e.g. being a fire fighter or train driver.

Active play includes physical, verbal or cognitive engagement often associated with outdoor play.

Research and experience all point to the role of play in children’s development and learning across cultures.

Brain development – research suggests that play shapes the structural design of the brain. When a child’s basic needs are met and the child is comfortable and feeing safe then learning can begin.

Play provides so many opportunities for exploration that assists in building and strengthening brain pathways. Play creates a brain that has increased ‘flexibility and improved potential for learning’ (Lester and Russell, 2008)

We see learning as a lifelong experience, not just for children but for all stakeholders. This is reflected in our staff professional development policy.

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