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Our passion, their future


At Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre we are a 'not-for-profit' Jindabyne based care and early learning centre. Provided by the community for the community. A safe environment for your child to learn, be well and grow.

SMCELC value play based learning and provide an adventurous and happy place for your child to be an active learner. Children are engaged and make more connections to learning when they are having fun. We base our program on your child's needs, interests, current and emerging skills.

Our professionals in the Early Education & Care sector, the qualified team of Educators and Teachers, promote your child's learning every minute of every day. We prioritise our relationships with families and the local community. These relationships ensure the best outcomes for your child and we welcome shared decision making towards their learning, wellbeing and development. A child's connection to home and community whilst at SMCELC is important to us. We also aim to assist children in valuing and respecting one another, the environment, histories, cultures, knowledge and traditions.

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& Play Spaces

Rich and varied

We offer predictable, safe, stimulating and nurturing environments for all ages
(0-5 years)

Education & Care

Stimulating and engaging

We nurture the development of life skills that compliment children's experiences, opportunities and relationships

Quality Improvement

Consistant and ongoing

We aim for exceeding and embed this into our practice which is informed by critical reflection and shaped by meaningful engagement with the children, their families and the community

Early Education Matters

Educational Toys

Did you know, the most valuable time in a child's development is between birth and five years. The brain develops up to 90% and creates billions of crucial neural pathways that impact a child's ability to learn and succeed in school and life. Positive and negative impacts on a child shape these connections.

Early Education is vital to ensuring our young people are equipped with the following skills:


  • critical thinking

  • creativity

  • communication

  • collaboration

  • curiosity

  • initiative

  • persistence and grit

  • adaptability

  • leadership

  • social and cultural awareness

These are executive function skills that shape our adult life and our ability to engage in the real world. 

Why not view the amazing study on 'The Science of Early Childhood Development' from Harvard.


Our Community

We are always seeking to connect with our beautiful Jindabyne community. Through these connections (and lots of excursions) local businesses our valuable community services share their time to connect with our children. Do you have anything you can offer? Get involved today!

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  • We implement the NSW Child Safe Standards

  • We are governed by many State Regulations and Laws

  • Our Policies and Procedures are written in accordance with the above guidelines

  • All staff hold a valid WWCC

  • All staff are trained in Child Protection and are Mandatory Reporters

  • See our Commitment to the Child Safe Standards

Your child's health and safety is a top priority
  • You can keep breastfeeding your baby who attends the centre

  • You can provide the centre with expressed breastmilk and your child's carer must feed your expressed breastmilk to your baby

  • You can breastfeed your baby and express for your baby at the centre

We support breastfeeding at our service
  • Our Sun Safe/UV Policy is registered and written in accordance with SunSmart NSW and the Cancer Council

  • We utilise the SunSmart Application to ensure we are correctly providing adequate sun safety practices for your child

We are SunSmart!
  • We are proud members of the Australian Institute of Intergeneral Practice

  • We are looking for interest from mature age and aged care residents of Jindabyne to share their time within the centre to promote intergenerational practice

  • Bringing generations together to brighten the lives of the elderly and our young global citizens

We support Intergenerational Practice
A member of
Early Childhood Australia
  • Staying updated with the latest research, practice and policy in the sector

  • Access to professional development resources and tools

  • ECA Code of Ethics

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