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Your Enrolment Pack

We are so excited for your family to join us!

Below is a variety of information to assist you in understanding what we do at SMCELC. There are also guiding documents relating to your child's wellbeing, development and more!

We promote a shared understanding to create the best outcomes for your child.


Please speak to our Director or one of our team if you require further information. We have an open door policy so please approach our Management Team to discuss any ideas, suggestions or concerns.

Our website also provides further information.

Early Education Matters

Educational Toys

Did you know, the most valuable time in a child's development is between birth and five years. The brain develops up to 90% and creates billions of crucial neural pathways that impact a child's ability to learn and succeed in school and life. Positive and negative impacts on a child shape these connections.

Early Education is vital to ensuring our young people are equipped with the following skills:


  • critical thinking

  • creativity

  • communication

  • collaboration

  • curiosity

  • initiative

  • persistence and grit

  • adaptability

  • leadership

  • social and cultural awareness

These are executive function skills that shape our adult life and our ability to engage in the real world. 

Why not view the amazing study on 'The Science of Early Childhood Development' from Harvard.

Family Collaboration is IMPORTANT

The knowledge you possess regarding your child is very valuable to us. Please select the form specific to your child's class for 2024 then complete the questionnaire to assist us in working with you in partnership for the best outcomes for your child.

Centre Program Information Booklets

Here you will find individual information booklets on each age appropriate learning environment (classroom). You can learn about routine's and your child's educators. You can always find out more by chatting to our friendly team or our Director, Moira.

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