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Management Committee

A presentation at the office

Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre is a not-for-profit under the

Incorporations Associations Act 2009



At this stage we are struggling to find members to be able to operate, please speak to our Director if you are able to volunteer your time to save our Centre and current operations.


Every year at our Annual General Meeting, the Committee is appointed with nominated members. Every family through enrolment is part of the association and must vote and attend the AGM.


A minimum of 3 ordinary members, and a maximum of 9 ordinary members. General members can also pay a small fee to be part of the association. The Committee meets up to 8 times in a year to hear advice from the Director and Administration Officer in relation to strategic planning for the service vote on strategic decisions.

Every family is part of the association through the enrolment process.


We MUST adhere to the Act and our Constitution and appoint a nominated Committee every year, if not we cannot and must not operate the service.

Otherwise we have to close our doors!


You are only required to meet up to 8 times in the year to listen and vote on strategic planning advice from the Director and we may need you to represent the committee at one or two fundraising events during a 12 month term. The committee delegates all the work to the Admin Officer and Director, but will still have legal responsibilities. These are not as overwhelming as you think!! The President is to host, the Secretary takes minutes and the Treasurer reviews our financial reports at each meeting. All other positions are casual.

We require you to complete a PA02 form, register for a PRODA RA Number and complete a Working with Children's Clearance and Criminal History Check. Executives that are People with Management or Control must also complete an insolvency and personal name record check through ASIC.

The management committee is responsible for implementing the association's rules and ensuring it meets its obligations under the Act. Committee members must comply with the rules at all times and be familiar with the main provisions. You will be given an induction process for you to better understand your role.


The Centre has ensured operational structure and strong leadership in 2023 to drive a quality service and remain compliant. You can trust in Moira's leadership across the service.


We require members who can support the desired need for our service within the Jindabyne community. We need to realise the benefits of running a community early education and care facility in Jindabyne and the wonderful community connection and flexibility this construct has to be able to truly provide for your children. We do not want to see it disappear!! To ensure this, we need your help, we must appoint a committee!


  • Knowledge of Business Operations/Management (not essential)

  • Knowledge of Early Education & Care Policy & Practice (not essential)

  • Willingness to contribute 'some' time and energy to the Committee

  • Able to effectively communicate

  • Able to collaborate

  • Able to act with professionalism

  • Able to provide privacy and confidentiality

We are committed with a passion to support our children’s bright futures.

Our passion, their future.

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