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Program & Planning


Program and planning at Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre places your child right at the centre of the planning cycle . The child is the focus. Educators observe the child's social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development to inform and tailor your child's individual development program. We use your child's interests to foster development, then extend with intentional teaching through play. Educators support children to inspire a love of learning, safety and well being. Scaffolding experiences and activities for the best outcomes for your child. Planning also involves the environment, community and welcomes family input. We are especially lucky to be an Alpine based centre and love it when the snow falls, it makes our program unique!

Our evaluation and development of learning is underpinned by our Philosophy, The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards. Each Educator then reflects on the learning. The intention, how and why, benefits and their practice to ensure their teaching and planning strategies can improve for ongoing development. This is an integral part of our purpose.

Our Preschool children are provided with a School Readiness program partnered with our local schools. To find out more on School Readiness at SMCELC, click here.

A Program and Planning Information Hub is set up within our foyer area to assist families with collaboration and knowledge regarding their child's program.

Please refer to our Educational Program Policy here.


6 weeks - 2 years

Birra Li

Your infant is supported within a caring and nurturing environment. The program is tailored to your child's routine and supports bonding and building trust through important transitions fostering developmental skills to grow strong and happy.

3 - 4 years


Children arrive from the Birra-Li environment with emerging confidence and an eagerness to explore. A separate program that caters to the transition of these children entering a new environment and exploring new sets of skills during their learning and development.

Birra Li/Moondani

Outdoor Program

Our outdoor program extends from inside the classrooms out into nature. Play based experiences with trees, leaves, sticks and stones. Resources are also provided to really focus on those gross motor skills. All ages get a chance to meet and build on their social and emotional wellbeing in this collaborative play space.

2 - 3 years


Exploration and curiosity are promoted in an evolving environment based on your child's interests. Supporting play based learning to develop strong life skills such as building relationships, care and empathy and respect for the natural world.

4 - 5 years


Confidence and independence are fostered to thrive in this environment. The autonomy of the children is key to their development. Building strong and world ready children. The environment is their own and children flourish further developing their skills.

Key Practices

Environment & Nature

We foster experiences out in nature to gain a natural understanding of the world. We value our connection to nature and understand that nature provides valuable learning opportunities. We also educate children on a variety of environmental responsibilities.

Health & Wellbeing

Every child is scaffolded to develop strong physical, social and emotional skills along with self help skills. Each child is also given the autonomy to develop their own participation in our routines.


Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. We provide a variety of these experiences to instil a love of learning.

Language & Communication

Non verbal and verbal, communication is another key practice at SMCELC. We value early connections and different ways of communicating.


We love to engage with our local community. Children at SMCELC are able to participate in a variety of locally provided experiences within our program.

Interests and Projects

Every child's interests and knowledge are built upon as a priority in our curriculum. This fosters a sense of curiosity and acknowledgment. A sense of belonging, being and becoming.

Relationships & Interpersonal Skills

Connections are so important when engaging children in learning. At SMCELC this is a key practice, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect with your child and your child's ability while at SMCELC to connect with others.

Collaborative Learning

Children at SMCELC are provided mixed age learning environments. Research has proven that this type of environment enables the children to learn from one another and challenge their own ideas and concepts.

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