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The SAP, SMRC Tenancy & Our Committee

Dear Families and Community,


In late 2023 the SAP development plans were released. In the Discussion paper, section 2.1 it is 'urging our centre to relocate. The delivery paper also touches on the proposed plan, section 4.2. We thank you if you made a submission to support our centre during the 'Submit Submission' stage.

We have currently met with the SAP Director, Michael Keys, who has promised they never intended to close our service doors and we are in current discussions with Council to try and ensure our future viability.


We will be at our premises for the next 3 years as this is the only tenure Council would approve, we have currently licensed the existing premises for over 31 years. We hope to stay where we are or be offered a fit for purpose premises within Jindabyne or within the new SAP development. Definitive answers are unclear at this stage and we are meeting with Council in April with hopes for some positive answers.





Moira, the Service Director, has had the challenge of procuring members of our families and the general public to join our Management Committee. We are governed by a Constitution under the Incorporations Associations Act (2009).

Within this Constitution is states we MUST have a specific number of family members and general community members to operate. The last few years have been very unsuccessful in recruiting members and ensuring the correct people with experience and appropriate skill sets (and time) are appointed to ensure our future viability.


We currently appoint a very minimal amount of committee members who are offering and volunteering their time. Soon, it will impact our operations and not be enough to secure our future operations.

We need more members!!!


Sophie our Administration Officer will assist committee members to ensure they can delegate their workload, reducing the hours required to complete tasks. Please understand, this does not remove any legal responsibilities upon the Management Committee with meeting compliance as set out in the Incorporations Associations Act, Family Assistance Law and the National Law & Regulations.

We provide relevant information and training to each committee member.

Moira and Sophie are planning to develop an advocacy project to try and ensure we can improve this situation and ensure future operations.

If you are able to assist our beautiful community, not for profit, service to continue to operate and help with our current challenges, we would love to hear from you!

The more the community get behind this, we can only hope for a more positive outcome.


Kind regards,



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