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Our Philosophy


We are currently in the middle of reflecting on updates for our 2024-2025 Philosophy, please stay tuned for a revised Service Philosophy!

Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre is a not-for-profit early learning service driven by the National Quality Framework.


At Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre, children learn through play in an explorative environment that scaffolds a variety of learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework. The foundation of the program promotes strong relationships between our  team and every child to create a sense of 'Belonging, Being & Becoming'. The programs focus on children's individual learning and developmental needs, health and wellbeing. We also provide children with links to their local community and the world around them. We aim to ensure our children develop into capable and considerate young global citizens. We also respect and value each child’s voice, rights, and dignity during and beyond their time at our service. 


Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre’s Educators and Teachers are qualified professionals. We pride ourselves on the wealth of knowledge we possess regarding children's learning and development. We also recognise that neuroscience supports the importance of a child's nervous system and brain development within the first five years; and is proven to have a positive impact on their development when a child has access to early education. Early education promotes neural connections to develop executive functioning skills that support the child into their adult life. 

We promote collegiality and professional development within our team. Strong leadership ensures a high-quality educational program and practice is offered. We are all advocates for each child’s learning, wellbeing, health, and safety. We commit to critical reflection and effective communication to always seek the best outcomes for each child, family, and team member. We also commit to personal and professional development and adhere to our policies and procedures, including our Code of Conduct and the ECA Code of Ethics every day. 



We are committed to providing a child safe environment by underpinning our operations to align with the NSW Child Safe Standards which are derived from the Children's Guardian Act 2023.


We value collaboration and partnerships with our families and the community. We always seek meaningful connections to embed into our educational programs and practice. The more connections we can link to the centre, through our families and local community, will be able to provide a more holistic outcome for each and every child, all while providing a sense of partnership.


We support diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation by aiming to provide a welcoming environment for every child that enters our service. We action strategies via our Strategic Inclusion Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan. Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre welcomes every person, family and child.  


We are committed with a passion to support our children’s bright futures.

Our passion, their future.

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